Cassie Ryder

Cassie Ryder was the last person anyone would expect to be sitting on the back of a Greyhound bus headed to New Orleans; definitely not in the middle of the sweltering Texas summer. Not the wild and crazy Cassie any of her friends knew. They would laugh in your face and tell you she was off on some dirt road kicking up dust in her jeep; an ‘85 CJ7. She would have the top and doors off, letting the wind blow through her blonde, pink, and brown hair and Godsmack would be blaring from the speakers. Cassie was a free-spirit; a good time. She liked to have a good time, too.

It was a mix of her seemingly careless and trusting disposition, sprinkled with a bit of loneliness that had her sitting in the position she was in, on the back of that bus and only one person that she knew, knew she was on it. Well, she kind of knew him.

Sweat rolled from her forehead down each side of Cassie’s face. It beaded on her chest and fell between her breasts, soaking her pink lace bra. She fanned herself with a make-shift fan she had made from a pamphlet she picked up and stuffed in her purse the last time the group of strangers stopped at a rest area. The stench of body odor encompassed the crowded confines of the bus and she was sure there was an infant somewhere with a soiled diaper. People talked over each other making the 54 other passengers sound like 150.

He better be everything I think he is for what I’ve gone through on this fucking bus trip, she thought to herself.

The “he” she was referring to was Brad White. Brad was selected as a match for Cassie on one of those dating sites. She had talked to him for a few months and so far, she liked everything about him. It was time for them to meet in person. Cassie was taking the bus to New Orleans where Brad lived. The plan was that if they got along as well as they thought they would, he would drive her back to Texas and stay a week with her there.

After a long exhausting bus ride, they pulled into the station. Butterflies flew high and then dropped back down in Cassie’s stomach. Though she had talked to him daily for months, she started to get nervous. “Here goes nothing,” she whispered to herself as she stood up to exit the bus.

She looked around as she waited to get her luggage out from under the bus. She was looking for Brad in the hordes of people waiting to pick up the other passengers. She was one of the last to get her luggage and most of the crowd had dispersed by the time she got her things.

Worry had started to set in when she spotted a jeep pulling into the lot. Cassie watched it pull into a parking spot and out stepped Brad. “Hello. I’m so sorry I’m late,” he called out as he hurried to her.

She was taken back by his looks. The pictures he had sent did him no justice at all. He was every bit of what they portrayed and then some. Definitely worth the bus trip. Definitely worth the fucking bus trip, she thought to herself. She would have walked to hell and back, barefoot, over glass shards, for his fine ass.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” he repeated again when he reached her, “There was a wreck on the interstate that I got caught up in. How are you? How was your trip?”

Cassie reached her arms out to wrap them around him as she answered, “Good. I’m good. The trip sucked but I’m good. I’m so happy to finally be here with you.” His strong embrace and buff body felt wonderful to her touch. She was forgetting how miserable she’d been on that bus very quickly.

“Let me get your things to the truck and let’s get out of here,” Brad said as he reached for her luggage. The two of them pulled out of the parking lot and headed to his house. Cassie couldn’t keep her eyes off of him all the way to his house.

When they got there Cassie showered and they grabbed something to eat. She was really enjoying spending time with him. From their many lengthy phone conversations, emails, and texts, the two of them had gotten to know each other fairly well. She was so happy she’d made the trip. It wasn’t long before darkness had fallen and she was growing tired.

“Baby, if you’re ready to go to bed I understand. You can sleep in the guest room that I showed you earlier,” he told her.

There was no way in hell she was staying in his guest room. She had made her mind up on that. She rode that miserable ass bus all the way to him, he was fine as fuck, and she was horny; she was sleeping in his bed. “I don’t get to sleep with you?” she asked him with pouty lips and fuck me eyes.

“Yes, Ma’am. I wasn’t sure if you’d want to the first night you were here. I only offered in case you didn’t,” he instantly replied. The thought of her finally in his bed made his cock hard.

“Don’t be silly. I’ve waited a long time to get my hands on you.”

Brad scooped her up off of the couch and made his way back to his bedroom with her. He sat down on the edge of his bed, with her legs straddling his lap. He kissed Cassie so passionately; their tongues danced deep inside each other’s mouths.

She broke free from his kiss and stood up in front of him. She kept eye contact with him as she slowly stripped down to nothing but her black lace thong. Cassie pushed him down on the bed and undid his pants. She pulled them and his shirt off before dropping to her knees between his.

Pre-cum seeped from the head of his shaft while Cassie slowly stroked it a few times. She ran her tongue across the tip of it tasting his sweetness. She sucked him inside of her hungry mouth. Brad moaned lightly when his cock disappeared into her warmth; it made her own juices start flowing.

Inch by inch she took him deeper inside until she felt him at the back of her throat. “Mmm,” she muttered with a mouthful of cock. She was so turned on and couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her pussy.

“I’m ready to ride you now, baby,” she told him. Her clit was enlarged and throbbing; her pussy aching to be fucked.

“I’m going to taste you first. Lay up here on the bed,” he said.

Brad climbed on top of her putting a knee on each side of her hips. He kissed, licked, and sucked on her starting at her neck and worked his way down her chest to her navel; and then down to her sweet treasure box that was overflowing with treasure. He latched onto her clit and sucked it tenderly.

Cassie trembled with each touch of his tongue. She had longed for his mouth to be on her for quite some time. He ate her pussy and drank of her juices like they were his final meal. She thrust her hips towards his face to meet every brush of his tongue. With her hands entwined in his hair she forced him against her bare mound a little harder each time. “That feels so fucking good,” she murmured under her breath.

Brad released his suction on her clit and lapped between the folds of her sex. Her sweetness covered his lips and dribbled down his chin. He inserted a finger inside of her and worked it in and out a few times before adding another one, bringer her closer to her climax.

Cassie felt the storm brewing deep inside of her. Her pussy contracted around his fingers as the heat from within intensified. “Oh, baby. I’m gonna cum so fucking hard.”

He pulled his fingers out of her and ran his tongue up her engorged clit one last time, “Not yet. I want you to cum on my cock. I wanna feel you explode all over me,” he whispered. He got up and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He flipped her onto her stomach. Her legs were together and her feet touched the floor.

Brad squeezed her ass cheeks, grabbed onto her hips, and sunk his hard, throbbing cock into the warm, wet confines of her pussy. She was tight and he felt her walls being stretched by his massiveness.

She moaned as he entered her and grabbed onto the bed sheets when he started to pound himself into her. Every time he slammed against her it sent a wave of electricity shooting through her body. Once again, her climax was near and this time there was no stopping it. Her pussy erupted like a volcano around his cock, just like he had wanted. She cried out his name with pleasure, it was all that escaped her lips besides the panting for her next breath.

Brad pumped his cock into her harder and harder as her pussy contracted around him. He reached forward and grabbed a fistful of her hair to hang onto as he began to cum. His body twitched as he shot his steamy load into her. He held her tightly against him until the last drop of his seed spewed from his cock.

He released Cassie’s hair and she collapsed on the bed. He slowly pulled his dick out of her warmth and joined her. “Damn, baby,” was all that he said.

The feeling was mutual. Brad had fucked her better than she had ever been fucked. Though it wasn’t as intense as it was while she came, her pussy was still contracting and on fire as she lay on the bed recovering.

Brad had fallen asleep within minutes of him joining her on the bed. Cassie lay awake a little bit longer with only two things running through her mind; she was thankful that she had taken a gamble and got on the bus to meet him and she couldn’t wait until morning time. She was going to ride him like a stallion as soon as they woke.

© May 2016 Saharah Shae All Rights Reserved


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