How Long Should Sex Last?

Sex; how long should it last? Hours? Minutes? According to recent studies, the average amount of time of actual intercourse is between six and eight minutes.

That sounds laughable if you think about it. It’s true though. Just about or a little less than the time it takes to play two songs. Factor in the amount of time we spend on foreplay and we’re nearing half an hour which is better but still not the all-nighter we have all been promised at some time or another by a stud that thought he was God’s gift to women.


When we’re bumping and grinding we get caught up in the pleasure of the moment; sweating, moaning, thrusting against each other, maybe a little ass smacking, and hair pulling. Who cares about how much time has passed?

As long as he doesn’t cum as soon as I take my clothes off or after a couple thrusts and I get mine before he busts a nut, the amount of time we spend connected to each other isn’t as important me.



The two of you can each get great pleasure from foreplay. If you aren’t happy with the total time spent getting down and dirty, focus more of your attention there. Try something new that you haven’t done and go slow.

Different things do factor into the duration. Stress, nerves, the level of comfortability between the two of you, and the last time he fired one off are all things that will play into how long he can stay in the game. There are a few things that he can do to try to extend his go time, thankfully.



If he hasn’t got off in a few days he will go quicker. He can empty his barrel by jacking off earlier in the day. He will last longer if he doesn’t have days’ worth built up begging to be shot out.

While you are having sex, if he feels like he’s going to blow too early, have him pull out and play with or suck on your breasts till the feeling passes. Breaks can be a good thing. He doesn’t have to stop for long. Five or ten seconds should be enough time for it to pass. You don’t want him to lose his erection.

Guys can also try biting down on their tongues when they feel it coming, if they aren’t ready to go quite yet. They don’t have to puncture their tongue but they need to put enough pressure on it so they feel a little pain. The pain overrides the pleasure they are feeling for a short time and can lengthen their stay. It’s more of a mind over matter type thing….baseball, baseball, baseball.



Try changing positions. Missionary and doggy-style put more pressure on the most sensitive part of his penis. If you’re in one of these two positions and he feels his orgasm is near, stop and climb on him. He’s about to go anyway. Riding him is a position that stimulates your clitoris the best and will help get you on your way to an orgasm before him.

Ladies, I do need to say this…..there will be a time when nothing he does prevents him from blowing his load before you orgasm. It happens. It’s frustrating as hell for us but it isn’t the end of the world. Don’t be too hard on him. He probably wants to climb in a hole and die already. There are other ways that he can finish you off and you can always finish yourself off if need be.

If there are any guys reading this and you have another cherished secret that may help your fellow man, comment below and let me know!

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