Does Penis Size Really Matter?


I wrote an erotic short story on my blog a few months ago that involved a 6 ½ inch strap on dildo. A reader left me the following comment:


I used to work for an old Navy SEAL. Almost daily he would tell us girls, “It ain’t the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.” And that was my reply to his comment, as I agree with the Old Salt 100%.

Am I alone in my belief? Does the size of a man’s penis really matter? Some women think so.

I can make myself cum by thought and a few Kegel exercises; so a dick -of any size, is just fuel for the fire for me. I know I’m going to cum whether he’s a two incher or one that’s been Heavenly blessed.

Our G-spots, also called the Grӓfenberg spot (for German gynecologist Ernst Grӓfenberg), are only about two inches inside of our vaginas. I’ve seen small dicks; even the smallest that I’ve seen was bigger than two inches. If he’s lacking length, he’s still going to be able to reach the G-spot through penetration, which stimulation of causes our orgasms during intercourse. The 6 ½ inch dildo in my story was well able to reach this golden button.



We also have clitoral orgasms. We can have that kind of orgasm, too, during intercourse as long as the position that we are in allows for the clit to be stimulated – all about the motion.

There are several positions that will help reach maximum stimulation for the less endowed. Here are a few.


The Eagle

The female lies on her back and lifts her legs towards the ceiling and spreads them as far apart as she can. Her partner kneels before her with his knees spread apart. He can hold onto her legs to support himself and penetrate her deeper.



Doggy Style

The female gets down on all fours. He kneels and penetrates her from behind. He can hold onto her hips and control the rhythm and speed. She can also rock back and forth to meet his thrusts. This position also allows for her to reach between her legs; and play with her clit or his sac to add even more pleasure for both.



The Splitting Bamboo

The female lies on her back and puts one leg up over his shoulder. He straddles her other leg and penetrates her. He holds onto her raised leg to support both of them. Her hands are free which allows her to tease her clit and/or massage her breasts putting on a sexy show for her man.



Reverse Cowgirl

The man lies on his back and she straddles him, on her knees, with her backside towards him. The woman is mostly in control in this position, though bucking against his cowgirl from time to time makes for a better ride. She supports herself by holding onto his thighs or his ankles and grinds her pussy in whatever motion she wants against his dick. The reverse cowgirl position is the way to go to maximize both clitoral and G-spot orgasms.

No matter the size, doggy style is by far my favorite position but the reverse cowgirl is a very close second!

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