9 Kinds Of Sex You NEED On Your Sex Bucket List!

Y’all have a sex bucket list, right? If not, you NEED one; everyone does! Even the happiest couples that are content with their sex life can benefit from a sex bucket list. Sometimes we get caught up in the rote routines of life and go with the flow. Our sex lives are the same way. Wouldn’t it be fun to venture off course and add a little pizazz?


Not sure where to start? I’ve got nine kinds of sex that you need to have at least once in your life. It may be awkward at first but after checking a couple off you might start looking forward to the others; maybe even add a few of your own.

Crazy Sex

I’m talking about the “OMG, I can’t believe we’re really doing this!” sex. Have sex somewhere that is risky or at a place where you’d never imagine yourself having sex. I live in the middle of nowhere; Podunk, Kentucky. We’ve got all kinds of back roads that lead to fields, cricks (creeks), and old abandoned houses. If you’re fortunate enough to have the same, hop in the car and take a trip down Lover’s Lane. It’ll keep your adrenaline pumping with fear of being caught but do it anyway. Feed your craziness with the excitement of the rush.


Kinky Sex

Into bondage, spanking, or talking dirty? You’ll never know if you don’t try. Have some restraints already attached to the bed post. You can use a tie, scarf, or handcuffs. Tie his hands up and have your way with him. If you don’t want to start out with restraints have him spank you. It doesn’t need to be a beating. Light spankings are just as erotic especially while you’re having sex. Both of you will enjoy that. You could also bring your vibrator to the bed with y’all. Pleasure yourself for him. I guarantee his dick will be harder than it’s ever been. Don’t forget to add a little dirty talk to the menu. It’s hard for some women to talk dirty. Kick your inhibitions out of the bed. You’re doing something new with the bucket list; tell yourself that it’s just part of it. No one starts out talking like a seasoned phone sex operator. Let him know that what he’s doing to you feels good. Tell him what you’re thinking. Play off of each other’s words. Once you conquer your verbal anxiety, you may carry this little gem over into other areas of your bucket list…..and if it’s something that arouses y’all, into your regular sex life.

Fun Sex

Be silly. Laughing together strengthens bonds. Don’t hold anything back. Sex doesn’t have to be serious to be fulfilling. If you weren’t able to talk dirty on kinky night, try it on fun night. Say over the top dirty things and laugh about them. If you can tell him you want to ride his dick bareback into the sunset like a wild Texas cowgirl, surely you can tell him that the way he fills you drives you crazy.


Submissive Sex

One of you play the submissive partner on this night. Obviously you need to talk about what is off limits or assign a safe word before you start. That way if the submissive becomes uncomfortable in any way both of you know it will stop immediately. It’s your chance to try things you’ve only fantasized about.

Nature Sex

We come from the ground and return to the ground. Why not get down and dirty on the ground? Sex in the middle of the woods is refreshing. It’s a scene hard to replicate indoors. So, let the primal animal out of its cage and show any wildlife that may have voyeuristic tendencies what mating season is all about.shutterstock_78852991Sweet Sex

Time to bust out the chocolate syrup, caramel, whip cream, or honey and make yourself into a tantalizing dessert for him. Drizzle his favorite flavored treat over your boobs, down your abs, and around your naval and let him feast on you. Be sure not to get any near your vag. It tastes sweet enough on its own and you don’t want to get an infection.

Sneak Off Sex

Have a family reunion or major gathering on your calendar? I double dog dare y’all to sneak off for a quickie without telling anyone where you’re going. Allow the paranoia of wondering if anyone is looking for you to drive your need to get off.

Surprise Sex

One of you get to call for surprise sex in place of something that you had planned to do. For example, if y’all go out to eat every Friday night for the crab leg special at your local restaurant, one of you have the power to cancel the plans and decide you’re going to stay in for sex. Let him dine on the special between your legs; and dip into your buttery sauce.


Stranger Sex

Nah, I don’t mean whore around with folks that you don’t know. Bump and grind with whoever you want to while staying faithful to your partner. That is the beauty of role-playing. You can have him in dress blues or scrubs; give yourself to a Marine or a surgeon. Do the same for him. Maybe he’d like to bend a French maid or a Catholic school girl over the bed and thrust himself deep into her. AND……If you still haven’t gotten the nerve up to talk dirty, role-playing may help you. Get yourself fully into character when you dress up. It’ll make for mind-blowing orgasms for both of you!

I originally wrote this for livingloving.com.


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