10 Fetishes That Are More Common Than You Think

Fetishism is the term given to explain a sexual attraction to objects, situations, and body parts not typically thought of as sexual. It originates from the Portuguese word feitico, which means obsessive fascination. Fetishes are the objects of the intense focus. Only through use of said object can a person with a fetishism reach sexual gratification.


There was a time when fetishes were considered taboo and weren’t talked about in every day sex conversation; there was a time when regular vanilla sex wasn’t even talked about. Since we’re not afraid to say vagina and cock anymore; and Al Gore’s initiative of creating the internet, we can discover and educate ourselves about every single desire and detail of sex and sexual behaviors one can imagine. And believe me, if you can imagine it, there is probably somebody that’s into it. Happy searching.

Here are 10 more common than you may think fetishes that I took the liberty of searching for you.



Sexual arousal by the foot itself or just a part. Satisfaction is found in the smell, taste, and look of the foot. Pleasant foot fornicating!


Sexual arousal and gratification by watching naked people or people having sex. Sometimes this is done with full knowledge of the person being watched and sometimes not. So, the next time you’re riding your man and you feel like someone’s watching….. Nah, just kidding.


Mazophilia and Pygophilia

 Fetish for tits and ass, aka what every man likes fetish, respectively. Kidding again. In order for it to be a true fetish the person cannot be sexually fulfilled without seeing, touching, or feeling one or the other. I am a boob girl; love them. They aren’t a requirement for me to cum though so I can’t say I’ve got a boob fetish. I can say I love me some boobs though.


Furries fetish is when people dress up in furry animal costumes. They gather together from time to time to live out their fantasies. This doesn’t always include intercourse. Sexual activity in the furry life is called yiffing. Furries aren’t to be confused with another group called Plushies, which are sexually gratified by an actual stuffed animal. Some men purchase stuffed animals with appropriately placed holes, replicating the vagina and anus.


Paraphilic Infantilism

Also called Autonepiophilia and Adult Baby Syndrome, it’s the term for grown folks that aroused by being cared for and treated like they are big babies. I’d have no desire to start life over but there are a lot of folks that do. People with this fetish might drink from bottles, wear diapers and big baby clothes, crawl, and talk in baby talk.


Latex Fetishism

This fetish involves wearing or having a partner wear latex, rubber, or leather. It’s not only the look and feel of oneself or another in the outfit but it’s said that for some, the smell of the material alone is a huge turn on and factor in this fetish.


Erotic lactation is the sexual arousal of breastfeeding from a female’s breast. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Thirsty, anyone?



Sexual arousal and reoccurring intense sexual fantasies from pornography or erotic art –particularly pictures is what this fetish is about. Another fetish to be thankful for the internet by those that have it.


Sexual arousal by urinating on or being urinated on by someone else. This fetish is also referred to as water sports. I’m sure there are plenty of folks that are into this; I am kinda thankful this one missed me.


Whatever gets you off, fetish or not, it’s your thing and should be embraced. What works for one may not always work for everyone but that’s with everything in life; sexual interests and fetishes especially.

I originally wrote this for livingloving.com.


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