Free ~ Meeting Miss Victoria ~ Feb. 14-16


Kenton is a young man obsessed with a sexy woman that he works with named Victoria. However, he thinks she is way out of his league. In the years that they’ve worked together, she’s never once spoken to him about anything other than work.

In an attempt to have a little fun with her, he sets up a fake social media account and stalks her timeline; pleasuring himself while admiring her pictures. One day he commented on his favorite picture of her in her bikini. He gets a surprising reply from her, in the form of a private message.

She wants to know who he is and mentions blocking his account, which would restrict his access to hers. Instead of telling her who he is, he tells her that they work together. After he proves to her that they do work together, she is satisfied with knowing only that and doesn’t want to know who he is. She finds the mystery of not knowing arousing.

It doesn’t take Miss Victoria long to warm up to the idea of having a secret admirer at work. She turns the tables on him and takes control of his plan, using it to her advantage as well.

In the darkness of a conference room on the floor below their department, Victoria and Kenton meet up several times for a little work day stress relief.

This story is a little over 5,800 words. There are explicit sex scenes throughout and it is meant to be read only by those that are 18 years and older.

I’d appreciate it if you would leave me a review when you have time.

Thanks and enjoy,

Shae xo

Free Feb. 14-16 – Meeting Miss Victoria by Saharah Shae

Meeting Miss Victoria Cover 2 a


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