The Girl Upstairs by Saharah Shae

Blake, a 22 year old girl, has finally left home and moved out on her own. She moves into a house that has been split into two apartments. Blake moves into the lower apartment. A woman a little older than her, Sam, lives in the upstairs apartment; and she happens to be a lesbian. Blake has never had an experience with a woman before but once Sam tells her that she is a lesbain and they drink a couple glasses of wine, being with a woman is all that Blake can think about. The thought is a major turn on for her and she eventually finds the nerve to tell Sam. The two wind up in Sam’s apartment and Blake finds herself having the best orgasm of her life. She questions her own sexuality after the wild night the two women have but she really doesn’t care. The only thing she cares about is the amazing experience she shared with Sam and how wonderful Sam made her feel.

This short story is a little over 6,400 words and is meant to be read by those that are 18+.

The Girl Upstairs by Saharah Shae


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