Starr by Saharah Shae

Starr is a young college freshman. She has been far away from home and settled into college for a couple of months now. She and her best friend from childhood, Montana, have made the most of their newly acquired freedom. They have taken advantage of every sexual situation that they feel may have a benefit to them along the way.

While Starr has had plenty of fun and men to occupy her time away, her heart belongs to a Marine back home. She used to babysit for him. After months of plotting a scheme to seduce him, she and Montana executed their plan one night after he had been out drinking with some friends. The three of them had a wild night of sex. She continued a sexual relationship with him after that night. Feelings and emotions evolved into love, though neither of them shared that with the other.

While in the middle of one of her and Montana’s sexcapades, she realizes that she has to get back home to the man her heart belongs to. She wants and needs to be back in his arms. A short phone call to him gets the ball rolling and her on her way back to him. He is more than happy to fly her back home to him.

He won’t be the only man there this time though. When she arrives at the airport, her man has a friend with him. A fellow Marine has been staying with him at his house.

This trip home may have just gotten a little bit better. What could be better for a little sex pot than being in the arms of the Marine that she loves? Being in the bed with two Marines? Will it go that far? This short story is 3,913 words.

Starr by Saharah Shae

There are seven books that this storyline flows through. The reading order is as follows:

Oorah is the first.
Reporting For Duty is the second.
Shipping Out is the third.
Away from Home is the fourth.
Back in the Alley is the fifth.
Stamped is the sixth.
Starr is the seventh.


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