Stamped by Saharah Shae

In this short erotic story, Montana and Starr go to a tattoo shop to get their very first tattoos. The tattoo artist is an extremely sexy guy that immediately turns Montana on. That winds up being a good thing. She has money that she got for her birthday to pay for her tramp stamp, however, Starr does not. And her Dad refuses to pay for her to get one. It’s Montana and Starr though, these girls have perfected their skills of taking control of any situation and making the outcome result in their favor. A little action on the tattoo artist’s bench between these two hot and conniving sex fiends sends them out the door without having to pay one cent. Not only do they get their tattoos free, they’ve got an open offer to come back and barter for more ink.

Before their escapade even begins though, Starr is reminded of how much she loves and misses the Marine she had to leave back home and she can’t wait to get back to him. This short story is 3,330 words.

Stamped by Saharah Shae

There are seven books that this storyline flows through. The reading order is as follows:

Oorah is the first.
Reporting For Duty is the second.
Shipping Out is the third.
Away from Home is the fourth.
Back in the Alley is the fifth.
Stamped is the sixth.
Starr is the seventh.


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