Shipping Out by Saharah Shae

Eighteen year old Starr has had an incredible summer with the Marine that she babysits for. She lost her virginity to him when she and her best friend Montana came up with a plan to get him in bed with the two of them. During the time they have spent together, she has started having feelings for him and she is dreading leaving town for college. Montana knows how to cheer her up and that’s just what she does. There is some girl on girl action before the two seduce a man. This short story is 3,533 words.

Shipping Out by Saharah Shae

There are seven books that this storyline flows through. The reading order is as follows:

Oorah is the first.
Reporting For Duty is the second.
Shipping Out is the third.
Away from Home is the fourth.
Back in the Alley is the fifth.
Stamped is the sixth.
Starr is the seventh.


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