Back in the Alley by Saharah Shae

Starr really wants to go to a party with Montana and another girl but she has a major test on Monday. She decides to go to the library to study instead. As she is about to walk out of the dorm room Montana tells her to change her clothes into something a little sexier. Reminding her that she never knows what situation could present itself. About an hour into her studying, she is thankful that she listened to Montana. Starr pleases herself in front of a complete stranger. Is he repulsed by her behavior in such a public setting or does it drive him wild out of his mind? Who is this mystery man any way? What has this ball of fire gotten her self into now? This short story is 3,791 words.

Back in the Alley by Saharah Shae

There are seven books that this storyline flows through. The reading order is as follows:

Oorah is the first.
Reporting For Duty is the second.
Shipping Out is the third.
Away from Home is the fourth.
Back in the Alley is the fifth.
Stamped is the sixth.
Starr is the seventh.


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