LAWD by Saharah Shae


On her way home from work one Friday evening, a twenty-something year old girl stopped in town to get her dog some food. On her way out she noticed a state police cruiser parked in the lot not far from her car. Normally, she wouldn’t have thought too much about it but the same cruiser had been where she had been too many times that week for it to be a coincidence. At that point, she knew he had to be stalking her.

He followed her from the parking lot until she turned onto the road that she lived on, where he pulled her over. Unlike any other traffic stop she had been involved in, he immediately ordered her out of her car. She was aggravated because she knew she had not broken any laws or disobeyed any traffic rules and he would not tell her why he had pulled her over until she got out of her vehicle.

Things took a drastic change once she did. The handsome police officer came on to her and she enjoyed it. Just as things were starting to heat up between the two of them, he was called away to an emergency but he promised her that he would return to finish what they had started as soon as he could.

She waited up for him and when she was getting ready to call it a night, thinking that he was not going to show up, he pulled into her driveway. The excitement that he had brought to her earlier in the evening returned once again; and this time no one was going to be able to interrupt her and her stalking lawman.

This book is filled with graphic sex scenes and is meant to be read only by those that are 18 years of age and older. All characters are fictitious, well over the age of 18, and are willing participants in all sex acts.

LAWD by Saharah Shae


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