Alexa and Carli by Saharah Shae

In the darkness of her living room, Alexa stood quietly, with her ear pressed against her door. She waited patiently to hear the apartment door across from her open and shut. Within minutes she heard Bryan’s car start up and pull out of the parking lot.

Bryan is married to the sexy brunette, Carli that lives across the hall; he works the graveyard shift a couple miles outside of town. Carli is obsessed with Alexa’s body; and Alexa is just as into Carli. The two women meet once a week while he is at work.

When Alexa was sure that Bryan was gone, she left her living room and slipped into Carli’s. She made her way through the quiet apartment into Carli’s bedroom.

Carli was lying naked in the middle of her bed. “I thought he was never going to leave,” she smirked when she felt Alexa’s presence in the room. “I’ve thought about touching you all day.”

Alexa climbed onto the bed and slid in between Carli’s legs. Her legs were long and smooth; irresistibly inviting to Alexa’s lips. She started at Carli’s ankles and kissed, nibbled, and licked her way up the inside of each of them until she met the sweet tasting honey pot that she had come to devour.

Carli’s juices overflowed onto her tight and smoothly shaved pussy lips. Alexa liked it that way. “Mmm, you always smell so sweet, Carli,” she whispered softly. She bent Carli’s legs a little at the knees, and pushed them into the air. She held them there while she ran her tongue around the folds of Carli’s cunt.

“That’s what I’ve been waiting for all day, Alexa. You make my pussy throb and ache until it feels the wickedness of your tongue all over it,” Carli whispered while she ran her fingers through Alexa’s hair.

Alexa lifted her head just a bit, her mouth glistened with pussy juice. Carli could see it in the wedge of light, from the cracked bathroom door that darted through the room. “I’m just getting started,” Alexa said and she dropped her head back down to feast on Carli some more.

She wrapped her lips around Carli’s engorged clit and sucked it into her mouth. As she flicked her tongue against it, Carli’s body shook beneath her.

Carli bit her bottom lip and bucked her hips against Alexa’s mouth, her orgasm was near. Her breathing intensified and her moans became louder as Alexa slipped a couple of her fingers deep into her hungry cunt.

Alexa had her on the brim of her climax but she wasn’t going to let her cum yet. She wanted to fuck her with the new strap-on dildo that she was wearing. “Turn over and get on your knees,” she told Carli.

While Carli changed positions, Alexa lubed up the 6 ½ inch shaft that was strapped to her. She put the head of it against Carli’s succulent pussy and penetrated her with ease. Carli squealed with pleasure.

“You like that don’t you, you naughty girl?” Alexa asked as she pounded her strap-on dick into Carli’s cunt.

“I fucking love it,” Carli said in a low grunt; pushing her ass back to meet each of Alexa’s thrusts.

Alexa reached around and circled Carli’s clit with one hand; she pinched and tweaked her nipples with the other. With both arms around Carli’s body, Alexa fucked her with force. “Your ass is so sexy,” she said to her as she watched the life-like plastic dick slide in and out of her warmth.

Their bodies became one as Alexa ground her body against Carli’s in perfect harmony. The music that came from the squeaking of the mattress and their moans of pleasure reverberated off of the walls and surrounded the room.

Alexa continued to pound into Carli until she exploded and came all over the dildo that fucked her. “Oh, my God. That felt so fucking amazing, Alexa,” she said breathlessly after she collapsed onto the bed. Her body still shook from the jolt of energy that ran through her.

“I love making you cum. I’m going to clean it off and then you’re going to fuck me. We’re not finished here,” Alexa said as she winked and headed towards the light that came from the bathroom.

Carli rolled over onto her back, entirely satisfied, and waited for Alexa’s return.

Copyright © August 2015 Saharah Shae All Rights Reserved


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