Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog site.

My name is Saharah Shae. I live in Kentucky with my dogs and a few other critters from time to time. I love football -both college and the NFL; and playing football too. I’m a huge fan of college basketball-especially my Kentucky Wildcats. When I need to relax I either go fishing or driving around on back roads taking random pictures. Some of my favorite things in the world are Led Zeppelin, a fresh jar of shine or a hot, black cup of coffee and a strong cigarette to go with whichever, my pretty little revolver, our veterans and military, my country, reubens, tattoos, animals, and my thigh highs.

And there’s the writing. I love to write; I always have. I also love to read all different kinds of books. My favorites are true crime and erotica. A little over a year ago I started publishing my books. Writing erotica is very arousing to me and my mission is that my readers are just as stimulated while they are reading my work. I write from both experience and from the fantasies that run through the dirty part of my imagination.

I hope you’ll read some of my work through my books, as well as check back here periodically to see what dirty thought, topic, or story I’ve decided to share with you.

Please be patient with me as this is my first time blogging. If you have any comments, thoughts, or things you’d like me to write about, please let me know.

Have an orgasmic day.

Shae xo




34 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you, Lee! Merry Christmas to you as well! My books are all e-books but they can be autographed -not the real thing tho. How bout I send a birthday card on your birthday? Let me know when that is. Have a blessed day!


  1. “The Girl Upstairs” kindle edition (liked the name!). First, for everyone else, she writes incredible erotic literature. Well worth it. For you, Saharah, I thought you did a great job also on character development, and getting into the minds. Autobiographical? Never mind….:>) Anyway, IF, repeat, IF you wanted to, you could spend more time on “setting”, you know, “the scent of…the sound of..she turned, thought a moment, then said…” that kind of thing. Sex is a totality, and if you can constantly engage all 5 senses PLUS the mind and emotions, it’s obviously more powerful. But all told, excellent job. Thanks

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    1. Ray, thank you so much for reading my book and more importantly, for taking the time to leave me feedback. I appreciate it greatly. Constructive criticism is what helps let me know what areas I need to focus on to strengthen my skills as a writer. And I agree with what you’ve said completely. Thank you again and I hope you continue to read my work. Have a blessed day! Shae xo


  2. I think your the best damn author around and the support you show for out Vets well it’s ten times better than the ones who sent them to war. I so glad your a friend 😘

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  3. Babe – I’m thinking about you and how I’ve missed you on Twitter. If you need to talk about ANYTHING ANYTIME I’m here for you 💞💞🇺🇸🇺🇸


  4. Shae I must say, God spent extra time on you. And your works of erotica are intriguing and overtly stimulating. Since the passing of my wife last June and now having been recently laid off I’m wary of committing funds to such a frivolous pleasure, I need to first steady up things on the home front. Now that I’m laid off I’ve been dabbling in writing as well. Some erotica spawned by my hot roommate that won’t give me the time of day. Actually the time of night so to speak. Ah well, I’m sure God’s plan for me will include satisfaction at some point on the journey before me. Until then I can dream of women such as yourself. Independent and alluring.

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  5. just sayinh hi sweetie love your stuff must say i love those accents from them marion kentucky gals.. go down cave n rock cross ferry down to front porch in marion ky great fish esp oct. xxx


  6. Very sexy poem, but I was bummed all that fuzz was blocking your beautiful cleavage. I’ll see you on Twitter darlin. Merry Christmas!!


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